welcome aboard.

leveret is a fan site dedicated to the 1999 simulation game, babyz.
you can learn more about the game here, and find the active community here.

this site is operated by queenie, and serves as a counterpart to phantasmagoria.

this rabbit following you all over the site is air fryer. she's thrilled you're here!

latest update

added download adoptions page, and added my dumb werewolf to it. go get him.
belated second part of the previous set is up! lots of sweaters. maybe not quite the season for them, but...
put up a big clothing set of basic colourful accessories, and a basegame toy fix on the playroom page.
uploaded 2 simple clothing sets and 2 new texture sets, updated my archive and changed the site font!
also, leveret is part of the 2024 easter egg hunt, go look for it!
finally uploaded my cherub hexing base (and a 2nd one), added many clothing items to my copy-pastie section. we're at 78 now! i still need to do the ones i hexed for the whiskerwick advent last year.
added the backyard, which is a miscellaneous section! added a silly little 'random idea generator' toy and some skin tone references i made for it.
i impulsively decided i should make a babyz site, after thinking about it for a little while now. there's just so few these days, you know? i've gotta do my part. i had a good name, and i knew i wanted it to be themed after air fryer and have an overall sci-fi theming as that's what i go for in hexies adopt. so here, this is leveret, coded in a night. the header graphics are edited off of ones from microsoft bob, by the way. i didn't draw them.